Welcome to the first website dedicated toward reducing or eliminating
the student loan debt for Individuals and Families.


Welcome to the first website dedicated toward Gifting to reduce or eliminate the student loan balance for families.

Power of GIFTING

IRS rules for 2015 allow any individual to make a tax-free gift for no more than $14,000 to any other individual without it counting against their $5.34 million lifetime limit. We utilize the concept of "crowd-funding" which allows for small donation amounts of $3-5 (price of a cup of coffee) to add up significantly when hundreds, thousands to millions of people donate.

# of Donators Donation $ Amount Total Amount of Donations
1,000 $ $
10,000 $5.00 $
30,000 $5.00 $
50,000 $5.00 $

The American government understood that the average middle class family could use an extra $300-600 so they created the first stimulus under George Bush in 2008. Ask yourself a question, did you save that $300/600? Was it helpful at all?

By now we have had 3 stimulus bills and the Federal Reserve has been pulling out all stops trying to turn America's economic woes around.

Building America's Foundation believes that real stimulus should actually help families in a significant way. Families do not need $300 or $600, they need thousands and probably tens of thousands. Our goal of delivering up to $250,000 in donations toward student loan balances for each college educated individual that applies and qualifies as a Charitable Recipient is Real Stimulus. Now is the time to put real dollars to work for hard working Americans.


1,000 supporters * $3 = $3000

10,000 supporters * $3 = $30,000

100,000 supporters * $3 = $300,000

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